Friday, November 9, 2007

Adventure (part 1)

When John retired, he and Sissy had never been camping together before and decided to take a 4 month vacation across country.

" . . . We wanted to take a trip across America and couldn’t decide whether to ride our motorcycle or bring it along inside a trailer, sleep in motels or pull a camper, eat fast food or cook our own meals. These questions were but a few puzzling us before heading out on our Adventure Across America . . . "

Ultimately, they decided it would be a good idea to buy a small camper that could haul their Harley Davidson motorcycle inside and out of the weather. Small and relatively inexpensive was the plan! With a new truck, a brand new Terry 21C Sport Utility Trailer and a fairly new HD FatBoy, they headed out from Virginia Beach, Virginia on their journey.

" . . . Planning our adventure took six months and was primarily accomplished using many resources on the Internet. The Planning/Useful Links section of our web site includes several hyperlinks you can use to gather information for yourself. The Internet was also used to gather information about necessary equipment. Our Equipment/Checklists section includes several items purchased for our Adventure as well as the checklists we used during our trip . . . "

Expenses are an important concern for anyone taking a vacation or embarking on an extended adventure. John and Sissy recorded their daily expenses and share these in their Expenses section (spreadsheet format) you can use as a guide. An Average Per Day for each expense item is included, and these figures are more important than the Total.

Finally, the Journal section includes a link to each place they visited. The locations are sorted by State using the Index. You can also view the locations in chronological order by selecting Emporia, Virginia first and then clicking the (next page in chronological order) link at the bottom of each page.

John loves his computers and Sissy loves her digital camera so they decided to document their trip. Seventy-two (72) different locations and over 8,000 pictures later, they finished their Adventure Across America. They caught the RV-Junkie bug and have since sold their camping trailer and purchased a 36' Monaco Cayman motorhome. They also created a new web site

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